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Polls held on Central during 2013:

  • Amendment to Election and Poll Procedures, section 8. Proposal for poll posted on Central [1] 8th January 2013. Poll commenced on Central and notified by Special Notice on 16th January 2013 [2]. Poll result announced 24th January 2013 [3]. Proposal for amendments carried by 90% majority.
  • Proposal for a Working Team to be set up to look into forming a Trading Subsidiary. Proposal for poll posted on Central [4] 10th January 2013. Poll commenced on Central and notified by Special Notice on 18th January 2013 [5]. Poll results announced 26th January 2013 [6] with 91% majority for the proposal. The Team was subsequently set up on 10th February 2013 after discussion and polls on Structure.
  • Proposal that the offer from a Mug Company, to market Freegle badged mugs, with no cost to Freegle but a share of profits, and a link to their website should be rejected on principle. Poll commenced 27th March 2013. Results: Agree 54 (57%); Disagree, it should be explored further without commitment at this stage 31 (32%); Abstain 4 (4%); Abandon 5 (5%). No further action was taken.
  • Proposal that the Affiliation Policy is amended to include that Freegle can be proactive in encouraging provision. Poll commenced 20th April 2013. Proposal carried by 89% majority.
  • Proposal on Payment for Services: Structure group proposes that any Volunteer - whether elected, active centrally, or not - can receive payment for services for Freegle, as long as everything is properly documented and the process is fair and transparent. If this proposal is accepted here (by a simple majority), work will commence on adjusting relevant policies and procedures to enable this to happen. Poll commenced on 30th May 2013. Results: Yes, I agree with this proposal 61 (89%); No, I disagree with this proposal 6 (8%); Abstain 1 (1%). The wiki was amended to note this decision within the Financial procedures.
  • Proposal to amend the Group Affiliation Team Freegle Affiliation Policy in respect of Specialist groups to include the wording that was agreed by Structure group and posted on Central in message 39952. Poll commenced 3rd August 2013. Results: [7] I agree with this proposal, 43 votes, 95.56%; I do not agree with this proposal, 2 votes, 4.44%; I abstain (and will explain on Central), 0 votes, 0.00% . The wiki was amended.
  • Proposal to adopt the recommendation to change Freegle from an unincorporated association to an IPS, in line with the report of the TSW Team. Poll commenced 28.8.13, finished 10.9.13, results [8] announced: 94 votes in total, "I agree that Freegle should convert to an IPS as proposed in the report, and the relevant constitutional changes should be put to a national full volunteer poll , 84 votes, 89.36% and I do not agree that Freegle should convert to an IPS, 10 votes, 10.64%
  • Proposal: Structure recommends the idea of introducing a second category of affiliation which would allow groups not following the full criteria (eg. cafes) to become 'Friends of Freegle' is dropped. Msg 41974. Result: A. Agree the recommendation to drop the idea of cafe and non-reuse group affiliation., 49 votes, 90.74% - B. Take the discussion back to Structure for more discussion on points raised in discussion., 3 votes, 5.56% -Abstain - please explain on Central, 2 votes, 3.70%

Result announced 16.11.13 [9]

  • AGM 2013 Recommendation for Auditor Poll held during AGM in November on Central.

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