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Poll question

We propose a simplification of our current national polling procedures in order to increase the democratic process by ensuring it is used more often.

Essentially the change is to move non-constitutional polling to Freegle UK Central, notifying via Special Notice, instead of mailing to all owner addresses. Polling on the Constitution, constitutional matters and all elections will remain as 'owner address' notifications.

The changes required in current procedures are detailed here (below).

The highest number of votes for any option presented will be considered as a binding majority decision.

Yes / No / Abstain

The following amendments will be put in place if this poll is carried:

Election and Poll Procedures

Present wording Proposed amended wording

4. The Reps, Working Group or poll initiator(s) can, if they choose, send the drafts of emails, poll questions and descriptions to the proofreading team to check during drafting. Once a final draft is produced the package of information will be sent to the Returning Officer, who will send it to the Proofreading team for final checking.

4. The Reps, Working Group or poll initiator(s) will produce a package of emails, poll questions and descriptions as appropriate, and send it to the Returning Officer.
5. Once proofread, the Returning Officer will send notifications, election or poll details to all Freegle Volunteers via the -owner address of all Freegle groups. The messages should be sent from the RO Email Address and a copy of the message should also be posted on Central. Notifications and election messages will be checked by the proofreading team before dispatch if they have not already been checked. 5. The Returning Officer will conduct the poll or election. Some document amendments, and all election notifications, must be notified to Freegle Volunteers via the -owner address. Other national polls will take place on Freegle UKCentral. The messages should be sent from the Returning Officer Email Address and a copy of the message should also be posted on Central as a Special Notice.

If the above amendments are approved, the following documents:

  • Elected Roles Autopromotion
  • Freegle Reps Role and Remit
  • Freegle Working Groups
  • Poll Voting
  • Appeals Panel Procedure
  • ORO Ending Terms of Office Procedure
  • ORO Team Roles and Remits
  • Reps Ending Term of Office Procedure

should be appropriately amended to include:

"Section x: Changes to this document: Proposed changes to this document will be posted on Central for comments and polling. Changes will require a simple majority of those voting."

This proposal was carried by a majority in the October 2012 Poll and all documents above amended appropriately.

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