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Welcome to Freegle-heart.pngThe Freegle Organisation Handbook

We, the Freegle Family, have joined together as volunteers to make Freegle. What does that actually mean? Here you will find information relating to our central organisation. Please get involved, because Freegle isn't 'them' it is 'us'!

This handbook covers the following: (Click on heading to access the index page for each section)

Getting Involved

This section details all the central roles, groups and teams that are working to make Freegle work as a central organisation. We are all, as Volunteers, welcome to join in and contribute to these and we would urge you to do so! Many hands make light work, as they say, and the more of us that get involved centrally, the more our network can offer each of us.

The Board

This section contains information for our Directors.

Policies, Procedures and Remits

The various documents we have adopted in order to run Freegle centrally. Links to them all can be found in this section.


Pages and links to find out all the email addresses you ever could wish for to contact central 'Freegle people'!


None of us mean to slip into acronyms and technical terms, but sometimes.....

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