Tech Group Report 2010-12-31

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Tech Working Group Report December 2010

The task list for Tech can be found at The group currently has 77 members.

This report is for December 2010, messages 2835 to 2966.


A question of whether we could handle replies from Twitter, which would go to the group and forward them on to the originators of the posts if they have allowed replies from anyone didn’t get any response or uptake to look into interfaces. This wasn’t added to the Task List, but further consideration could be given to this if people felt it was worthwhile.

Bulk/Mass Mailing

Tasks 19.4-19.6 Priority 1

A test mailing produced a 93% response from groups who clicked to confirm they had received it. Some investigation was done into why some groups hadn’t clicked, which revealed that: - the message had been received in Yahoo logs but not at individual email accounts. There have been definite examples of user error (not checking Yahoo accounts, not checking their spam/junk folder or failing to notice mails), and there is probably some over-zealous spam detection in the user's email systems; - there is a reluctance to click on links; and - a consistent lack of response from anyone at the owner address probably indicates they're just not interested.

It was concluded that the automated system was probably as good as it could get and the system has now got the facility to record acknowledgements of receipt. With the back up of a proactive stance to get at least one person from each group on Central and sending all mass mailing info as a special notice there as well it is felt that we are doing the best we can to keep all eligible voters informed.

Message categorisation for Facebook

Discussion about how to categorise items in messages resulted in some analysis of specific group messages and an agreed set of descriptors -

Message Maker

Discussions were had about whether the message maker should insist on a location for Taken and Received messages.

Google Analytics

Analytics show a continuing decline in hits on our website. It was proposed that the information produced should be shared more widely - Media and/or Central - so that those interested and able could perhaps try to address some of the reasons for this.

New System for Norfolk

Information and links were shared about the new system currently being constructed for and by the Norfolk groups.

Maps App for Facebook

Feedback was given on a Facebook App for maps.

Yahoo App

A prototype Yahoo App was explored but not taken forward through lack of enthusiasm from a sample of group members.

Website FAQ

Updating the FAQ on the website was pended waiting for an update of Perch to fix a broken link, but this has now been resolved.

Regular Tasks

  • The Wikipedia entry for Freegle is regularly updated with membership numbers by Jon.
  • Chris provides a summary report from Google Analytics for perusal by the group.
  • A monthly reminder to check the Task List to ensure high priority items are being actioned hasn’t been taken up.

Posted as a Special Notice on Central 4th January 2010

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