Structure Group Report 2010-03-01

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Our group has 53 members, and is open to any member of Freegle UK Central who would like to join: We have really interesting conversations, so please do join and let us know what you think!

This is a summary of discussions since our last report of 12th February 2010, covering messages 1943 to 2192. We warmly welcome input and comments from everyone on Central about any of the issues we are presently discussing or yet to be discussed (live and pending topics detailed below).


Organisational Structure

It was decided to put together a governing document based on decisionsmade by members in polls and the evolved working practises of Freegle to date. The previously stalled 'Mission Statement' topic was resolvedby adding two brief sentences to the beginning of the document. A lot of discussion about a suitable draft ensued ending with the firstagreed draft being posted (message 8132, 21.2.10) on Central for discussion there and with the Reps. There has been no time limit put on this, but after issues raised have been resolved and the draft amended if needed, it is proposed next to send it to Legal for their opinion and then put it to poll for adoption by members.

Once agreed, the plan is probably to submit it to HM Revenue and Customs to see whether we could be considered a charitable organisation (without being a registered charity) for tax reasons (we could claim back giftaid on donations). But this is still up for debate and discussion. If anyone has any experience of dealing with HMRC we would appreciate avolunteer to talk to them on our behalf. Don't be shy!

One outstanding item not resolved by poll is the term of office to be served by Reps. This was a split vote, so it is probable that members will be asked to resolve this when voting on the governing document.


Investigations have been started into what bank accounts are available as it is becoming apparent that people are willing to donate money to help outwith central publicity and costs. The Reps have come up with a set of criteria and questions and Jacky is starting the preliminary research.

Copyright and Licensing

This is still a live topic as we need to look into how to secure flexible, workable solutions, but to retain security for Freegle. This topic was picked up on Central, in response to our last report (thankyou!) but there is no resolution to this as yet.

Working Groups Operation

The Reps have asked Structure to consider the operation of the current working groups. Discussion has started on looking at whether there needs to be different management of discussions, recording information,other working/sub-groups etc. We would really welcome any thoughts on this if people feel there are improvements to be made (or to endorse the current system if you feel it is working well).

Structure had proposed previously that summaries of working groups should be shared more widely. The last report of Structure was summarised in the FreeSpOut newsletter, but we'd like comments from other Working Groups and Central members about whether this is the way to distribute the reports or are there better methods?

Definition of Volunteers

Discussion about the definition of a volunteer, in respect to who is entitled to be a voting Member of Freegle, has raised some interesting points about moderator privileges on groups and the wish to widen the participation in Freegle of people who don't necessarily want to moderate. Please join in this discussion either on Structure or Central if you have any views.


'Other Groups'

The question of inclusion of 'other groups' (eg. Cafe groups) in Freegle was voted on in poll 4, so we still have this on our agenda to bear in mind and discuss in length at some point.

Comments Received on Poll 2

This is still a pending item on the group as we are aware that comments made in Poll 2 have been logged, noted, but not discussed. We now have more comments from Poll 4. It is suggested that the Reps initiate conversations on Central based on the comments received.

Reps Task

2 suggestions were put forward to add to the Reps Tasks ( ) - establish a 'post' of Freegle Historian and a group to deal with 'Freegle Elsewhere' to record and put somethinking into what the future could be for enquiries from overseas. ...................... The spokespeople for this group are Jacky (Great Yarmouth) and Edward (Rep and Edinburgh). The owner is Jacky.

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