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  • ...k. Stuff is being moved in sections, so if you notice anything which seems broken let him know. <br> ...e really aimed at people councils, and we don't want to clutter up members pages. As it is it is also suitable for using within a Powerpoint presentation.
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  • Chris wrote a script to show open OFFER and WANTED posts broken down by category: ...o 3 months. To see any more details, you'll have to click the Freegle Now! links.
    11 KB (2,020 words) - 09:58, 4 July 2016
  • ...people have outstanding active posts.<BR>We’'ve never been entirely happy with 'News' as the name for the newsfeed section of the site. It would be nice t A.This has popped up from time to time, but we need to do a Teamviewer with someone while it is happening.<BR>
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