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Freegle Tech Report May 2013
Messages 11940-12252
Members 98

Everyone is welcome here! We are always in need of people willing to check fixes and new stuff across a whole range of devices and toolbars. We need to ensure that all of our members are able to use the new features.


Some changes in code and tweaking have been made by Edward to enable the one doing posts and digests to cope better with the workload for now. Eventually we may need to add more nodes.


A quiz has been set up and trialled. It is hoped to be improved and different questions and pictures found for future quizzes .
We have stopped asking members to reconfirm their preference for republishing posts every 90 days. This is because:
It only applies to Yahoo users, as FD users default to republishing.
We fairly often get members saying "I've already said yes, why are you asking me again".
If members wish to change the prefs then either send them this link or pop their email address
Photo upload was reported as not working with IE10 This was fixed but then caused multiple problems with IE8 and with the settings page and post feeds. All fixed promptly, when noticed. Hopefully all okay now but please report any oddities which may be reported to you.
Posts and members sometime take a hour or four to go on the Yahoo groups. This is often Yahoo and can vary group by group. Sometimes when our servers are busy Admins and other stuff may be delayed to allow posts and new member joining to take precedence.
More information is wanted on FB members by some mods. It is on the to do list to make it similar to that produced for Yahoo members one day.
There were no unsubscribe links in Special Notices. They will now be put in.


End-users can now edit events which they themselves have created, to
allow them to correct mistakes. They'll now see the little pencil-like edit icon that page admins
Some more problems on Event times which can be traced back to the clocks going forward. Hopefully now finally sorted.

Problems reported

A member found it difficult to navigate from the main website, to actually getting to post a message. It was suggested that the link could take you to the app and not the Facebook page.
It was agreed the flow could be improved, and ways to improve it will be looked into.
. A mod received multiple alerts on a worry word. This was promptly fixed.
On FD there was a problem for some being unable to mark posts as taken, which was fixed.
HMTL coding was showing on a post on Direct.
This was a failure of the app to find the plain text version, but should not happen again.

Yahoo Groups.

The ability of mods to add 10 members a day, has been withdrawn. The invite allowance has gone up from 50 to 100
Duplicate Posts going to members
Yahoo have given this link to a moderator who enquired.

Questions & Answers

Q. I have a member who I can’t find to unsubscribe.
A. If you're on a group which uses FD, then you can go to . If you put the address in there it will bring up any group she/he is in with that email address.
Q. Is there anyway that messages which are still in pending but from removed spammers could be flagged up?
A. I have added something to do this.
Q. When more than one mod approves the same community event the member is getting a message informing them each time. Could this be restricted to just one?
A. Yes I think this will happen now.
Q. Special notices took several hours to get through. Is this normal?
A. Just now yes, but hopefully a fix just made will work to speed it up.
Q. I have a spammer. Do I report his FBuser email address or his Yahoo one?
A. Either will do.
Q.I have had three mapping requests for the same location lately.
Don’t forget to look and see what it is mapped on on the top left. If an incorrect word then put it in the ignore box, map on the correct location and save.
Q. Where can I find a groups offer wanted stats?
A.On the left-hand sidebar on the Direct page.
Q.How do Freegle Direct members see photos listed in Yahoo posts
A. They can’t unless sent as attachments. Worth reminding members to use the photo upload on the message maker.
Q. A Yahoo member is getting duplicate special notices only. Posts she only gets once though.
A. Find her FB membership and delete that one.
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