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Freegle Tech Report June 2019
Messages 27171-27242
Members 113


A really quiet month as Edward was away on a sponsored walk which raised over £10K for Freegle. Chris and Edward remained available if needed urgently of course but nothing major happened.


‘I got a complaint about not being able to filter the offers/wanteds I knew where she was going wrong but couldn't remember how to put it right! When I had a look, I realised: it's not absolutely clear where to click to bring up the filters. One for when you have time.’

Q. I have been checking our posts every day because of our recent "turn off chat/not receiving replies" problem but maybe it is also happening elsewhere? I had some auto reposts come through yesterday but when I checked today one is not on ModTools and not on our Group page listing either. I assumed either it had been Taken or maybe the member had just deleted it - but when I search on FD and Modtools, it is shown as being reposted and there is no indication that anything else has happened to it. Then I found another couple from a few days ago - they were there yesterday and gone today until you search for them! Today they are back, I know auto reposts are not reposted just moved up the list. My problem was that some posts that had been bumped up the list just disappeared completely and then came back gradually over about 2-3 hours.
A Ed . I am back now if it happens again grab me for a team viewer
Q I have a member offering a sofa, he attached 4 photos which I can see on ModTools. However only one has appeared on our Group FD page

Sorry  for the delay I think I have fixed it now

Q.I'm trying to join three groups on FD, but using the app, the join button turns white on clicking, then turns back to green.

It took me about a dozen tries to join Rugby and so far I'm not able to join Daventry at all. I still have to join Leamington as well. Prospective members won't be as patient to keep trying.

I was just able to join (and leave) Carnforth and Daventry groups in the FD app so obviously you ran into a problem which I can't diagnose. There did seem to be a bug on trying to leave in one scenario which I will look at soon) but that won't have stopped you joining.
A I've done some experimentation with my own email, and joining from the explore page works ok - it shows the Leave button. So I'm wondering if it is specific to you being on so many groups. Can you do some testing with a different user? That would still be a bug, but a less urgent one.
Yes is is okay when I use a new email address.
Q Members are reporting not seeing the edit button on approved messages. I called on one member and looked on his screen so he is correct. Anyone else have this problem!!!
A When they updated the Edge Browser last, there were changes which broke some of our stuff. I got one member to download another browser and the missing features were back. There was a problem with the settings for allowing editing on some groups which I have now fixed.
Q. Thumb’s up. I've just tried this on an ipad and iPhone. Marked the item as taken Then clicked on the thumbs up which was showing 6 in blue and thumbs down 2 in orange.
Clicking on it turns it to white and shows 5! Orange thumbs down remains at 2
A. You can only do one up or down per person ( to prevent spitefulness) so if you have already done one and click again it removes it.


I've released new versions of the Freegle and ModTools apps for Android.
And a new Freegle app for iOS.
The MT one for Android will follow soon.

In the last release I added code to ask people to rate or review the app.. This has resulted in more ratings/reviews, some of them good but not all. Previously on iOS at least it seemed that people only reviewed the app when they ran into a problem.
Some of the problems were general Freegle ones such as no shows. Others cite slowness of the conversations and being confusing - or the chats attached to the wrong post. If you see this, please let us know.
Ed says he hopes to do a rewrite of user side later in the year which should make it faster.
Ideally we'd have someone with User Experience (ie user interface) skills to guide us on the app and web site should work (along with testing with actual people, newbies and experienced users) but we don't and can't afford anyone.

App hat


This is an automated list of the changes to the client code in June. Here are the more important ones which would affect members:

  • Not showing all photos

Here are the ones which are minor, or only affect volunteers in ModTools, or are internal changes that you wouldn't notice:
Add another autoresponder message
Don't double count stroll donations at month end
Stats showing multiple totals

Tech Chat

Very quiet as it is understood Edward would not be reading this while on his walk and moderators with tech problems were advised to email him directly, .
Freegle Tech
June 2019