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Freegle Tech Report April 2015
Posts 14533-15032
Members 101


A busy month. Chris launched his phone app on his local group and got some publicity. Edward launched his new version of Freegle Direct (in a rougher state than he’d have liked due to

Facebook deadlines), which took a lot of time to get completed, followed by many hours answering and sorting out members and moderators queries.

Phone app.

This is now available for phones which use the Android operating system, iPhone/iPads and Kindle fire.
Nearly ready for rolling out to all members we will put out an Admin for you when it is.
Testing resulting in the button to leave being moved to avoid members leaving by accident
There are no plans to release one for Windows phones as yet.
Unfortunately we have not managed to get the best age rating for Apple but are okay for 12+.

Facebook Pages

There is an option when setting this up to put in links to Iphone or Android app.
You can put in links for the app when it is launched.

Freegle Direct FD2

Because it was incomplete and we had to rush it out some problems were expected. Edward had to work long hours answering members queries and sorting those out he could do quickly.
There is a list of outstanding jobs and known bugs at Sorry you need to join Trello to see it.
Most comments about the new look have been favourable, but some Yahoo members are confused when taken there is response to links in some emails. Edward is working on this.

Improved functions
  • Much clearer and more member friendly
  • Works better on phones even without getting the app.
  • Leaves messages received for a period after the Taken has been posted in case a repost is needed.
  • Less clutter and events are more visible.
  • Members can change their name without having to contact the Geeks.
  • Easier for them to leave the group.
  • Withdraw post option on My Posts.
  • Log out button works for everyone.
  • Some easily found FAQ.s are cutting down on queries to support groups.
  • Contacting their own moderator is much clearer.
  • Members can no longer put @ in the location box so cutting out those that put their email address in there.
.Problems remaining.
  • Unfortunately for a minority it created problems accessing and posting.
  • There is still a problem with IE 8 users and Edward would like a Teamviewer session with someone using it. Please email him at if you have a member unable to access FD2 who uses IE8
  • Facebook blockers stop it working.
  • Reminder emails are taking Yahoo only members to the group sign in page and confusing them. Edward is working on this.
  • Repost to another group after time stipulated by neighbouring groups not available yet.
  • Links via the Facebook page are not working for some .
  • Some Event issues still outstanding, although most have been fixed.
  • A few Facebook Accounts were intermingled, luckily to understanding users.
  • Some issues on the Find Group tab, where the groups shown are unexpected or in a strange order if you retry the same location.
Moderator functions not yet available

Because the launch was brought forward before it was ready, FD2 is missing the moderator function. This will be introduced as time permits.
Freegle Direct unsubscribe option used to show a list of groups a member was is and could be used to check scammers and remove those who had lost their passwords. it now asks you to log in so you can only leave your own groups. Edward is working on this.
You can delete members Events if you are a mod on ModTools (or via the link in the original verification email). They can easily delete their own though.
Events over a month away and not visible to members, which prevents clutter but neither can mods see them.

Confused about FD memberships?

Here is an easy to understand summary.

  • When you sign in to FD, it gets your email address:
  • If you registered on FD, then you gave it the address.
  • If you sign in with Facebook, Google, or Yahoo, then it gets the address associated with that account.
  • Once it has your address, it might already know that you are a member on Yahoo (for example if you've sent a message from that address to the group). If it knows that, then it will use that address for your membership.
  • If it doesn't know that you are already a member on Yahoo, then it will give you an FBUser address as a membership when you join a group.

Maybe of Interest.

Anyone who wants to get an idea what third party cookies are tracking sites can use lightbeam. Its an add on you can use with firefox Tools -----> Add-Ons search lightbeam. It has a graphic showing all the third party sites that are connecting to the sites when one is on the web.

Help for Moderators about members issues with using Freegle Direct is also available from

Freegle Tech Report
April 2015

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