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Members can add photos to their posts. Here are a few things to note:

  • Photos can be attached if posting to FD via email as well as when posting on the web.
  • FD shows the photo uploaded first, first. The order can't be changed later.
  • The Freegle app has a Take photo button, rather than an Add button

Members can add photos to chats. Note:

  • If the image is too small (less than 150px width or height) then we won't include it. This helps limit typical logo footers that we wish to avoid.
  • If the aspect ratio of the image is less than 0.5 or more than 1.5, then we won't include it. Most photos are fairly close to square, so this helps spot and stop banner images in emails.

Stories submitted by members can include photos if they wish.

Members can add a photo to their profile, there is an Upload Photo button in the Settings menu under Personal Information.

Volunteers can include a photo of themselves in their profile for members to see if they wish. In Modtools > Settings > Personal Settings you can choose if you wish your members to see if you are a volunteer or not. If you choose to do this, your profile picture for the email address you are using will appear on your communities' home page, along with the name you choose.

'Safeguarding issues should be taken into account when members post an offer or request. Good practice is to reject or remove any photo that includes children, and maybe adults as well. Safeguarding_FAQ#Q._Are_there_examples_of_areas_to_be_aware_of_in_running_my_group.3F

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