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This remit was superseded by the Discourse Support Team Remit in April 2021.

Adopted by the Board at their meeting of 29th April 2015.

This document seeks to define specific tasks and roles to manage the work of Central.


The role of the Central Mod Team is to support Volunteers and ensure the efficient running of the Central Group. The members of the Central Mod Team are jointly responsible for performing the Remit.


  • Ensure the efficient running of the Central Group.
  • Deal with comments, suggestions and complaints from members.
  • Maintain a membership database of Central members.
  • Refer to Central Guidelines and ensure they are observed.

Tasks and Duties

The Team is responsible for the day to day running of Central and associated tasks as agreed within the Central Mod Team:

Specific Tasks:

  • Verify that applicants who join Central are Volunteers.
  • Encourage members to follow Freegle_UK_Central_Group Guidelines
  • Manage comments, suggestions and complaints from members.
  • Assist Working Groups with "Start of Topic" mails, membership approvals etc
  • Update the Central Mods Team Remit and other related documents as required.
  • Evaluation of Central and summarise results for Central.
  • To assist communication and support for volunteers.
  • Ensure all Freegle Affiliated Groups are represented on Freegle via the Contacting Groups Procedure.
  • Maintain a confidential database of existing, past and potential members of Central UK.
  • Take on ownership of redundant national groups, in line with Unused and Redundant National Groups Procedure.

Additional Roles and Tasks:

The Mod Team may add additional roles or tasks to fulfil the general remit.

If an additional role or task significantly alters the operation of the Group, this additional role should be first approved by the Board and/or Central.

Membership of Team

Eligibility and Selection:

Team Membership will be open to all Volunteers except for additional roles which will be appointed by the Central Mod Team.

Ending of Team Membership:

A role holder can stand down at any time by informing the Group.

If members of the team feel the roles are not being fulfilled, they should try to work with the role holder to help or failing that, refer to the Ombudsman to use the Freegle Mediation Process.

In extremis, Volunteers can call for a vote of no confidence and pass the issue to the Ombudsman.


  • Glossary
  • Previous Freegle UK document Freegle Central Mods Team
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