Directors 2017 Election

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The third AGM of Freegle Ltd will be held 25th September to 2nd October 2017 inclusive on Freegle UK Central. As detailed in our Rules under Retirement Cycle, two of the current Directors are obliged to stand down. There will be vacancies for five Directors this year.


Details for the Director Role can be found on the following pages

Any additional questions that arise about the Director Role can be addressed to the Returning Officers. Contact them at Returning Officer email address.

Term of Office

The term of office for elected Directors is up to 3 years, but Directors are welcome to stand again immediately when that term finishes.

Election Timetable

The Freegle 2017 Election timetable will be as follows:

2nd September Director voting process starts - request for nominations.

9th September Last day for nominations. Statements of c.250 words requested.

12th September Last day for receiving Statements from Candidates.

13th September Q&A Starts

19th September Q&A Ends

20th September Director voting starts if number of candidates exceeds vacancies.

24th September Freegle Ltd 2017 AGM Starts.

30th September Voting ends if election has been held.

1st October Current Directors stand down from office.

1st October New Directors announced

2nd October AGM Ends

Note the following regarding this election timetable.

Voting validation should take no longer than 1 day. Results will be posted as soon as possible.

If there are less or equal number of candidates for vacancies, the Chair will declare them as 'elected unopposed' and they will take their posts as Directors without the need for a poll/election.


Nominations should be made as follows:

  • Nominated candidates must be Members of Freegle Ltd (see Rules 53 and 54).
  • Nominations may be made via Freegle Central or directly to the Returning Officer email address.
  • Nominations may either be made by the candidate (self nominated) or another Freegle Member.
  • Nominations should include the individual's full name and email address *If the nominee is a volunteer with a Freegle group, their primary group name should be provided.
  • If another individual is being nominated, any relevant group membership should be noted (eg. a member of the National Cooperative's Council).
  • Nominations should be seconded by another Member. This can occur on either Freegle Central or directly to the Returning Officer email address.
  • All nominations will be confirmed by the Returning Officer to the candidate, seconder and to Freegle Central (regardless of where the nomination was made).