Co-option for Elected Roles

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This procedure was adopted by the Board on 6th January 2015.

Extract from Freegle Rules:

57. The Board of Directors may at any time fill a casual vacancy on the Board by co-option. Co-opted individuals must be Members of the Society and will hold office as a Director only until the next annual general meeting.

58. At no time must the number of co-opted individuals comprise more than one-third of the Board of Directors.

Co-option for an Elected Role Procedure

Up to 3 months after an election is held and candidate(s) appointed, the 'Elected Roles Autopromotion' system may be used by the Board within their powers of co-option to replace a role holder who might leave during that period.

If an elected Director leaves early from their term of office, the system of auto-promotion will come into effect. If that is not applicable or the timing of the vacancy falls beyond 3 months, the Board may co-opt another person to fill the vacancym subject to Rules 58 and 59.

The co-option will be a majority recommendation from the Board and will be for the period from appointment to the next set of elections for any elected post.

The co-option will be a recommendation to Freegle Members of the person, reasons and a date for appointment. Any objections should be sent confidentially to the Board before the appointment date. The Board will take into account any objections received before confirming a co-option.

Any person co-opted into a normally elected position will stand down at the next election for that role, but they will be able to stand for that election or subsequent elections if they wish.

The co-opted role holder will have equal status and work on the same basis as their fellow elected post holders. If co-option or auto-promotion hasn't taken place within 2 months of a vacancy happening an election will be held.