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This remit was agreed by the Board at their meeting held August 2014.


Lead the Board and Freegle to enable it to fulfil its purpose, ensuring an effective relationship between:

  • the Board and Volunteers/Members
  • the Board and the external stakeholders/community
  • Act as a spokesperson and figurehead as appropriate.

To supervise and support other officers and role holders


Plan and prepare the committee meetings and the AGM with others as appropriate.

Chair committee meetings ensuring:

  • A balance is struck between time-keeping and space for discussions.
  • Business is dealt with and decisions made.
  • Decisions, actions and deliberations are adequately minuted.
  • The implementation of decisions is clearly assigned and monitored.

Ensure adequate support and supervision arrangements are made for role holders/volunteers directly managed or reporting to the Board.

Ensure that a successor is found before the term of office finishes.