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"complaint" emails from AOL

The mailbox for receives about 250 emails per day which are a forward of an email sent by Freegle Direct with the new subject "Email Feedback Report for IP".

Regrettably AOL do not provide any information as to why an email was forwarded as an "abuse report".

The assumption of the Freegle Support team is that for some reason the email(s) will have ended up in the members "junk" folder.

This could be because the member marked the email as "junk" but it is more likely that it was done by some set of rules which will be a combination of general rules and specific rules for that AOL address.

The disadvantages of these emails ending up in the trash folder include:

  • the member being unable to find Freegle emails
  • the member thinks that Freegle emails are spam
  • AOL applying the "junk rule" to other members
  • AOL even cutting off all Freegle emails altogether


In the past a complex process was tried which included contacting Members and Moderators.

See: Hotmail_complaint

Current Process

All these emails are automatically scanned and in the attempt to retrieve the AOL member complaining.

To date 29513 AOL emails have been processed. In 29289 a complaining members emails address could be found.

Most of these came from people who only reported a few times and these where ignored.

In a few case where a larger number of messages was received (currently 25) the member is removed from all communities.

Their membership remains on record and they are not banned so they can rejoin any community.

Regrettably due to a computer crash I do not have an exact record of members removed from communities before April 2018.

However a rough guess is that it is about 75 members none of which has every complained to support.