AGM 2021 Agenda

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Edward Hibbert (Board Chair) will be chairing the meeting.

Announcement: AGM open [[1]]

1. Apologies for absence (see note 1)

2. Minutes of the last AGM - AGM 2020 Minutes

3. Matters Arising

  • 3.1 Recruitment of Volunteers follow up
  • 3.2 Discourse follow up

4. Board Annual Report 2021 Board Annual Report 2021

5. Finance Report 2021 Finance Report 2021 to include the Board's recommendation that the requirement for full audit is disapplied

6. Annual Director Resignations and Election 2021

7. Other notified business: (see note 2 and 3)

8. Announcement of AGM poll results

9. End of Meeting

(1) Rules: A quorum will be 20 Members or 10% of the Membership (currently xxx so 10% is xx) whichever is smaller, subject to a minimum of 3 Members.
(2) Only business notified and advised before the commencement of the AGM can be discussed at the AGM.
(3) If any formal resolutions are requested in respect of business discussed at the AGM, the results of the relevant votes will be declared before the end of the AGM. There were no formal resolutions submitted for this AGM>

Link: AGM 2021