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Returning Officer Election November 2013

Candidate Statements

James Stuart Fraser

North Shropshire Freegle

Over the last few years I have done a good job in the RO position and would like to re stand.

I worked well with Ray and then with Carole and have contributed well with elections and running polls in the AGM’s

I have plenty of experience with running the polls and elections and believe that I would continue to do well should I be re elected.

I will do my best to make sure that any future polls and elections are run well and will should I be elected I will run any future RO and share the Ob elections to ensure that the right members are elected to the positions.

Also any future Reps elections will obviously be shared between the RO’s

As I have said in past statements I will keep all information confidential and not allow any other access to the results other than to post the winners on central.

I have plenty of experience running polls and elections both on my own websites and on Freegle and have done similar polls on my Open University Courses where it has been necessary to elect a person to run a private forum.

Should I be successful I will make every effort to ensure that all polls, election and AGM polls are run to the best of my ability and ensure that there are no changes to how people have voted unless we go over the limit for votes where the votes will be backed up and restarted.

Paul Thompson

Ascot Freegle

Hi, my name is Paul.

I have volunteered with Freegle since its inception in 2009. I’ve served in a variety of roles including as a Freegle Geek and an elected Freegle Rep.

When the Returning Officer role was recently vacated, I was sad to see Sian leave the role. I decided to stand as I'll do a spectacular job and think Freegle really needs that at this time.

In my day job, I work in a computer programming role where analysis and management of data is key. I'm an excellent fit for this office with its requirements for data handling , confidentiality and organisational skills.

If I'm elected, I promise to run elections and polls with clarity, accuracy and attention to detail regarding schedule and procedure. Those who have worked with me know I care deeply about doing things well and will always strive for excellence.

To get to know me a bit more personally, my wife Andrea and I founded Ascot Freegle in 2008 after moving to the area and finding it lacking a local reuse group. We have three awesome kids including a two daughters just into secondary school and a younger son in primary. Originally from America, we now consider England to be home and will apply for British citizenship later this year.

Thanks for your time and for voting in this election. It's great that 4 years on, Freegle is still a grassroots organisation representative of the volunteers on the ground who get the job done.


Members of Central were invited to ask questions of the two candidates. The questions and answers can be found here [1]

Election Poll

The link for the election polling is

Wording of poll:

The election for Returning Officer will run from 20 November 2013 closing at 2200hrs on 29 November 2013. Please ensure that all your moderators and group owners are aware of the poll so that a fair and representative election can take place. Before voting please ensure that you have read the contents of the links below.

Candidate statement link :

Q&A link :

If a vacancy for a Returning Officer occurs within 3 months of this election, the role vacancy will be offered to the next highest voted candidate, provided they gained at least 75% of the votes of the lowest successful candidate in the most recent election. Once this poll is completed, the results will be saved in different places for a minimum of three years and the poll itself deleted from the survey site so that the winning candidate has no access to the results.

The provisional results will be announced within 24 hours of the election finish, subject to voter confirmation and the final results announced within four days once all outstanding voters have been confirmed to be genuine.

Incomplete forms will not be counted.

Should you wish to ask any questions please email

There are two candidates for one position as Returning Officer, they are James Stuart Fraser and Paul Thompson. Please choose one option only.

James Stuart Fraser
Paul Thompson
None of the above

All Freegle Volunteers are eligible to vote in this poll. Even if you moderate on several groups, you are only eligible to have one vote. However, to ensure that all voters are eligible, we need some verification information.

Please enter the name of the Freegle group that you moderate on and consider to be your main group.
Please provide the email address that you use to moderate on the group named above.


Any questions about the election should be directed to the Returning Officer -

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