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Capturing screenshots.

 For information on how to capture and editing screenshots go to: -

 PNGs for Screenshots wiki.modplugin.org/index.php/Capturing_Screenshots

 Everyone seems to have their favourite software for this. Some free ones are:

Many of them it is just the basic version which is free if you get an enhanced one you may find they only work for the 1months trial period.

These  mostly have their own help files and settings.  Some you can crop and adjust before saving them or sending them via email. 

However for the wiki you are best putting them  on the desktop or in specific  file  ready to load them into the wiki.

Uploading Files

 Freegle has its own section for uploads. wiki.ilovefreegle.org/Help:Managing_files 

 In the toolbox on the left hand side of any page you will find upload file. You will then be taken to a special page. Click on upload and search for the photo/screenshot  on your computer. Upload it and as there is only one screenshot per page give it a unique title  Your file gets its very own “File Description Page” within the File namespace of the wiki. You should edit this page to provide more information about the  file.  For example, many public wiki projects are quite sensitive to copyright issues, and so you should explain where you got the file from, and what its copyright status is, on the description page. Any other useful descriptive notes could also be added there.

Using Images

 After you've uploaded a file, you can use it in an article, with some special wiki syntax to create the link.See Help:Images.  You can put a link to it or insert a   the  screenshot.  In the edit mode on the page you want it to go in, place the curser on the line. Click on th picture icon where the edit tools are, enter the page title (everything after the file:)  when it shows in the preview window, choose the align left right or centre and it will be placed. You can then resize on the page.

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