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A partnership with lovejunk [[1]] was announced by the Board on Central 4.2.21 - . The full details are in the announcement, but the basics are:

The idea is that:

  • If you have something you want removing you list it on
  • Businesses or reuse organisations, who are licensed to take stuff legally, reply, with a kind of bidding process.
  • You choose your preferred bid - this is a paid collection.
  • They come and take it away.
  • Depending on who they are, they may reuse it, or may recycle it. 95% of stuff is recycled.

Lovejunk is currently London-only, but is highly likely to expand and form partnerships with some major furniture retailers in the UK. It is getting significant momentum - typical response time to a listing is now under a minute, and it’s something like 80% success from listing to pickup.

The Board agreed a partnership with lovejunk as follows:

  • If, after some time, an OFFER cannot be freegled, we will offer freeglers in London the option of booking a collection via lovejunk.
  • This is at the point where we currently send a chaseup/autorepost mail, and also via a button on My Posts. That means it’s not “competing” with normal successful freegling, and only kicks in when an item isn’t immediately shifting.
  • There will be a popup which explains the process (see below).
  • If they choose to go ahead, then it’ll take them over to lovejunk with some of the details filled in.
  • All the arrangements between the person and the collector are entirely lovejunk’s responsibility, not ours.

In effect it’s a bit like we’ve offered them an easy way to organise a bulky waste collection, and we will get paid a bit for doing so.

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