Help and support for new volunteers

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Freegle Mentors are always at hand to help, from answering questions on all aspects of running your group to helping moderate your group if you request it.

Freegle Freshers - trainee mods would need to join both groups. One is a practice Freegle group, the other is where we discuss the training.

Freegle Tech This group is for anything really techie which you may wish help with.

Freegle Funding A group to help with funding applications you might wish to access.

Freegle Central Any general questions, help with promoting your group, or for keeping in touch with what is going on in freegleland.

Freegle Cafe For a natter about anything. For questions off topic or just because you want a chat.

Emergencies - help available if you are struggling or need help with running your group.

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