Ebay My Favourite Charity 2016

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This was a fundraising opportunity that Ebay ran in October 2016.

Announced by Chris on Funding Group [[1]] we followed up with a campaign which resulted in Freegle winning the second award of £3000 with 6,496 votes.

There was a link at the top of each FD daily digest, 2 different centrally prepared admins, a lot of Facebook and Twitter promotion, both Freegle and Liz (Enfield) paid to boost some Facebook ads, and at the end of the month, there was a mass mailing to members of groups who hadn’t opted out ( 16 groups had.) There was some discussion as to how much publicity is good and when it becomes too much, and the trade-offs between central and local admins.

Some people felt we could have won the top prize if we had done more. Other ideas put forward included asking members to email all their contacts and asking for a vote rather than a donation in the last days of a competition.