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This Remit and Procedure was initially agreed by the Board at their August 2014 meeting and reviewed in November 2021.

Board Secretary Role

To be the administrative secretary for the Board, particularly in regard to managing Board Meetings.

The Board Secretary will be appointed by the Board.

This role is subject to the Named Role Holder Ending Term of Office Procedure.

Freegle Board Meeting Procedure

The full requirements for Director Board Meetings are in Rules 71 - 82


c.2 weeks before a board meeting, a Google doc is prepared covering:

  • Agenda
  • Meeting Notes
  • Matters Arising

The Freegle Board Timetable contains a list of regular items which should be included in the agenda.

Main Agenda

The standing items are:

  • Approval of Minutes of last meeting
  • Review Declaration of interest
  • Actions
  • AOB

Meeting Notes

These consist of appropriate notes on each agenda item, for example:

  • Reports or links to documents providing reports by role holders or officers (CTO, Media, Finance, etc)
  • Explanatory notes and any information that would save time in the board meeting
  • Resolution wording, if long
  • The date of polls for items on the Consent Agenda items


  • Meetings are usually held via online conferencing platforms such as Zoom
  • They are usually held at 6pm
  • The meeting schedule is held on the Freegle Board timetable
  • Meeting Polls are conducted via a show of hands
  • Polls prior to the meeting are conducted via the Freegle Board Group ( at October 2021) and will be recorded in the minutes of the next board


  • The board secretary will arrange for agreement and distribution of the meeting minutes:
  • Shared with the Board (currently via Groups.IO)
  • Published on Central
  • Published on the Freegle wiki

Actions Log

Agendas, Minutes and Action log are held in google drive.

  • Captured by the Board Secretary
  • Agreed by the Chairman
  • Shared with the board and the wider volunteer community
  • Formally approved at the next board meeting