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These are sample messages you could use to send to a member of your group

Dear Member

We are sorry to have to return your post but our group has a limit on the number of wanted items per month/week that can be requested.

The limit is [X] posts per month/week each containing not more than [X] requests for items.

As you have already reached this number I have returned your message. You may of course resubmit your request again on the [DATE]

Our group has agreed this limit in order to balance out the offers and requests and to prevent members leaving because they feel they are being taken advantage of.

Kind regards

XXXXXXX Freegle Moderator


Hi there

I am sorry to return your message but we have a group rule of X wanted messages per X . Please can you wait until X days have passed since your last request and post this again?

Hope that is OK!

Best wishes


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