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Your Friendly Team Of Moderators
Your Friendly Team Of Moderators
Your ommunity Name Here
Your community Name Here

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This is a sample Admin message you can use to send to your community.


Your team of moderators would like to make it very clear that:

1. Every member of our community should be treated with dignity and respect at all times regardless of their gender, colour, race, creed, sexuality, disability and so on.

2. There are no exceptions to this, it applies to everyone at all times.

3. We operate a Zero Tolerance policy on abuse and discrimination in any of its forms.

4. Any member who is not happy to abide by this very simple principle should leave the community.

5. Any incident where a member has suffered any kind of abuse or discrimination from another member should inform us immediately.

6. The mod team will take the appropriate action against anyone who abuses our members or discriminates against them.

We are largely a happy community and we want to protect our members from the few individuals who are simply not welcome among us.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for being part of our fantastic community.

Kindest regards

Your names here

Your Friendly Team Of Moderators

Your community Name Here


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