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Working Groups are designed to focus on particular areas/topics, to keep the traffic on the Central group down to manageable levels.

They are open to all Freegle members; see here for the membership policy.

  • Freegle Media - A Freegle Working Group to help raise Freegle's media profile and improve visibility of Freegle generally, with an aim to increase member subscriptions.
  • Freegle People - A group to help look after our family of autonomous Freegle groups. This group would support our mods day to day needs in whatever way they needed and sort out disputes between groups. Draft guidelines about how Freegle groups should/could work, how to deal with complaints, guidance on how to moderate Freegle groups, data protection policies, and any other guidelines which would help Freegle groups work better need to be drafted. Open to all FreegleUK members who are interested.
  • Freegle Start - A group to address the issue of affiliating new groups (and other associations) to Freegle. The group needs to propose guidelines on which groups should be agreed to be under the umbrella of Freegle. When adopted, they then need to agree new groups according to the guidelines. Open to all FreegleUK members who are interested.
  • Freegle Structure - A group to help develop proposals for how Freegle will work as an organisation.
  • Freegle Tech - A working group for technical discussions about tools/websites etc. Open to all FreegleUK members who are interested.
  • Freegle Legal - A group of volunteers (not necessarily moderators) to help advise on legal issues affecting Freegle. Open to all members on Central to read, and people with legal expertise to post.