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This is a sample message you might wish to use on your Community, (although a lot of Communities do allow offers of vouchers and tickets on the Community as a community service).

Hi there

Please do not request or offer vouchers on this community.

Our aim is to keep stuff out of landfill and everything offered should be free and without strings. Vouchers usually require spending of money to redeem them and are often for consumer items.

Because we can appreciate your desire to save money or help a good cause, we do have a chitchat section on the website where posts of this type can go. You can access that at https://www.ilovefreegle.org/chitchat

All members of $ Freegle are welcome to use chitchat. Please use it for vouchers and other items which you feel do not help reduce the stuff going into landfill but would be of help in your area.



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