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After nine years served in HM Forces I resolved never to have another work master, and but for a seven year spell as the head technician and area manager for a medium sized electrical retailer/repairer, I was successful. I've been the proprietor of a taxi business, TV & Video repair business, Photographers, Aerial riggers and just for fun (and huge profits), Second Hand shops! I've been Chairman (or Vice), Treasurer or Secretary to more clubs and organisations than you can shake a stick at, including school governors (and the obligatory PTA's), boating associations and social clubs. Currently retired prematurely due to ill health (Boring, don't ask), I became involved with internet recycling/re-use in 2006 when I opened the Cramlington group, wasted too much of my life working voluntarily for Deron Beal as a freecycle Imod, and I'm currently the Group Launch Co-ordinator for Freegle - a title bestowed upon me because I enjoy helping people!