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please add your ideas here:

We could do with some nice graphics for this wiki - simple icons and perhaps some cartoons to lighten the relentlessness of all the text.

Running Your Local Group portal

Here are some sections that need to be completed/amended

  • Systematic update all Yahoo related pages to comply with Neo changes and to make clear that this is Yahoo group stuff not FD.
  • Special Notices Many done but if you think you have a good one add it please.
  • Mod groups - probably incomplete and needing updating
  • Specific Items - we haven't got a page advising on knives or sharp weapons. If you know of any neat links or wording that mods can use to reject or defend their decision on rejecting or accepting a message, please add it!
  • FDv2 isn't covered in this section or much at all - FD pages need updating and putting in this portal?
  • Modtools - there are references to Mod Extension all over the place, need amending to relevant Modtools stuff. Also this section is part of Freegle Organisation portal, so might be better moved here?

Publicity portal

Promoting my new group

Facebook, blogs, forums - a beginners guide to using online social media would be helpful.


Standard Texts

If you are up for creating any of these sections it might be a good idea to join the applicable working group (if you're not already a member) and let us know what your planning on doing so there is no replication

The Freegle Organisation portal

If you can remember what information you would have liked to have seen but didn't when you first started using the wiki, please add it!

This section has been updated to reflect move to Freegle Ltd. (Jacky, July 2015)

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