The landfill test

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The fundamental purpose of Freegle is to promote the keeping of usable items out of the bin, this reduces the impact on landfill whilst preventing the purchase of items unnecessarily.

If you are having trouble deciding whether to allow a post, ask yourself this question: "Could this thing be thrown in the bin?" and you will probably find you know the answer, regardless of size and value...

"Does it save anything from landfill?" if it does, then allow it (if it’s free and legal), if it isn't, most groups will reject it. You may, however, want to make an exception for advertising free environmental events like Green Fairs and the Bring and Take events that some local authorities organise.

If you can potentially save an item from landfill, no matter how small it is, then it is within the aims of Freegle.

Things that fail the landfill test will include:

  • people asking for information or advice
  • people wanting a recommendation for a tradesman
  • people asking for rooms or houses to rent
  • advertising bands
  • advertising events

These are all non-tangible therefore they do not save anything from landfill. They are generally not posted on main Freegle groups as, although they are perfectly reasonable requests, they detract from the main purpose of the group, and therefore what people have signed up for on that group.

Many groups also do not permit tickets, vouchers, money-off coupons and other such items, but they are ideal for your nearest café group, so do encourage them to be sent there!