The landfill test

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The fundamental purpose of Freegle is to promote the keeping of usable items out of the bin, this reduces the impact on landfill whilst preventing the unnecessary purchase of new items.

Nowadays much less waste goes to landfill, rather than incinerators, so technically we should talk about "diverting from the waste stream". But "the landfill test" is what we've always called it, and it's snappier :-).

If you are unsure about allowing a post, consider "Does it save anything from landfill?". If it does, then allow it if it’s free and legal; if it isn't, most groups will reject it.

If you can potentially save an item from landfill, no matter how small it is, then it is within the aims of Freegle.

Things that fail the landfill test will include:

  • requests for information or advice
  • requests to borrow or swap items (see Borrowing or Lending)
  • tradesman recommendations
  • requests for information regarding rooms or houses to rent
  • advertisements for local events
  • tickets, vouchers, money-off coupons (see Tickets and Vouchers)

These don't directly save anything from landfill. They are generally not posted on main Freegle groups as that isn't our core aim, but groups can decide to implement a local guideline if they wish.

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