Tech Group Report 2011-02-28

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Tech Working Group Report February 2011

The task list for Tech can be found at ; regular tech jobs and responsibilities are recorded on the wiki - Tech Jobs and Tech Responsibilities. The group currently has 80 members.

This report is for February 2011, messages 3339 to 3817.


  • Edward has developed some code which mails members who've not posted a Taken/Received and and gives them an easy link to repost the original request or post a Taken/Received. It is available for those groups who are republishing, and early signs are that this has a very significant effect on making your group more active.
  • A request was made for some help in prettifying the groups settings page.
  • Pagemodo is being looked into as a possible method of providing tabs for Facebook.
  • Automatic chasing idle member function was discussed.
  • Increase statistic functionality was added.
  • Mapping glitches were discussed.
  • Matching bouncing/removed members.
  • Alpha and Beta testing was requested for a new improved Freegle Facebook app.
  • Methods of restricting comments on Facebook walls were discussed

The various wiki help pages for Facebook/Republishing have continued to be updated and improved throughout the month.

Freegle Website

The idea of having a newsticker scroll on the website is being explored.

Message Maker

Chris is looking at providing a new version of the Message Maker that asks for the person's email so it can send the message direct to the group. This avoids the user having to send using Yahoo or in their own email program .


Mike has offered to look into recording and providing statistics to establish what makes groups successful.


This site is being looked at as a possible link for our website.

Regular Tasks

  • The Wikipedia entry for Freegle is regularly updated with membership numbers by Jon.
  • The monthly check of the Freegle wiki for vandalism was agreed to be unnecessary now that there are better controls over who has editing rights.
  • The Task List was updated this month.
  • Chris provided a summary report from Google Analytics for perusal by the group. “This month saw a large increase in traffic primarily because of a mention on Martin Lewis' around 19 Jan (14699 visits that day) with several groups reporting many new members on Central in the days afterwards. The background traffic level was perhaps fractionally higher than December. Message Maker and Facebook use also increased. There's usually a resurgence of group messages in January, but is heartening to see this reflected in the use of our tools.


posted as a Special Notice on Central 3rd March 2011

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