Tech Group Report 2011-01-31

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Tech Working Group Report January 2011
This report is for January 2011, messages 2967 to 3338.

We could really use some more people to work on Tech tasks. If you think you could do this - either because you have relevant skills or are interested in learning - then please have a look at the task list and join the Tech group. The task list for Tech can be found at ; regular tech jobs and responsibilities are recorded here on the wiki - and . The group currently has 79 members.


Suggestions were made and questions were answered about:

  • the Maps App for Facebook
  • reminders about posts
  • Twitter feeds
  • location corrections
  • opt outs for individuals
  • spammers list inadvertently listing republisher@
  • categorisation changes
  • application relevance/possibility for cafe groups
  • attachments/photos via Facebook

An improved Facebook App was put in a sandbox for testing and an update for Facebook, which shows 20 posts as a default, was also tested.
The wiki help pages for setting up Facebook/Republishing have continued to be updated and improved throughout the month.

iPhone App is being tested to see if this might be useful for Freegle.

Website FAQ

The FAQ for group member enquiries has been updated on the Freegle website

Central Mods Team

A Freegle address was instigated for the Central Mods Team by the Geeks. It was concluded that there wasn’t a list of affiliated groups not represented on Central in response to a Central Mod question.

Wiki Editing

The approval requirements and method of giving people editing rights on the Wiki were discussed and improved.


Trashnothing have a beta for reuse/recycling groups not on Yahoo.

Regular Tasks

  • The Wikipedia entry for Freegle is regularly updated with membership numbers by Jon.
  • Chris provides a summary report from Google Analytics for perusal by the group.- “visits to the web site are generally down, continuing a slow downward trend that's been around for the last 6 months at least. The only numbers going up are for the republisher/Facebook tools - though this is a new tool so not too surprising.”

Posted as a Special Notice on Central, msg.19204, 3rd February 2011

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