Tech Group Report 2010-11-30

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Tech Working Group Report November 2010

The task list for Tech can be found at ; regular tech jobs and responsibilities are recorded on the wiki - and . The group currently has 76 members.

This report is for November 2010, messages 2518 to 2834.

Hosting Renewal

The hosting contract for the website was discussed as it was coming up for renewal. It was decided to switch to Paul has successfully worked on this all month in order to get the work done before the previous contract expired.


There were mixed opinions on whether Ecobees was a good model for an online reuse group. Added to the task list.

Google Analytics

Analytics show a continuing decline in hits on the website. It was proposed that the effect of republishing should be monitored regularly as part of this monthly analysis that Chris produces for the group.

Republishing for RSS/Facebook/Twitter

  • Republishing continued to be the main discussion on the group over this past month.
  • The message maker was proposed to be ‘beefed up’.
  • A ‘delete messages’ option has been added
  • A ‘post again’ option has been added
  • Facebook is now the default link,not the Yahoo group, for groups using RSS feeds
  • Various bugs have been flagged up and resolved
  • A digest option was discussed and taken to Central for further thoughts
  • Our website ‘find a group’ pages now includes information about which groups offer RSS, Twitter and/or Facebook as part of the main display of group names

(Not on task list)

Mass/Bulk Mailing

Work on this has continued with Edward taking up the lead to test the system. The test mailing has now achieved a 93% response rate of groups clicking to show that they have received it. The remaining missing groups, so far as we can tell from contacting them, are not due to messages being trapped in Yahoo’s spam filters. It is Edward’s view that this system is now as good as it is likely to get.
Tasks 19.4-19.6 Priority 1

Message Maker

The message maker has been changed so that the description is _not_ required for Taken or Received (ie the Send buttons become active when you have chosen eg Taken, What and Where).

Member verification on Central

The recent spate of new member applications to Central has highlighted a problem with replies to the verification emails not being received by the Owner address.

Confidential Discussion Group

Notification that a confidential discussion group has been set up was sent to Central. The group is for those involved in the backroom workings of central Freegle IT.

Regular Tasks

  • The Wikipedia entry for Freegle is regularly updated with membership numbers by Jon.
  • A monthly reminder to check the Task List to ensure high priority items are being actioned hasn’t been taken up.

posted as a Special Notice on Central 5th December 2010

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