Specific Problems

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Suggestions on how to deal with:

  • Member Complaints Some tips on responding to complaints
  • Banning Got a problem member and considering banning them?
  • Boxbe Member sending out invite messages to a Boxbe Guest List? Explanation here.
  • FreebieJeebies A member offering links to FreebieJeebies? Explanation here
  • Problem members Some practical advice on how to deal with the odd awkward customer
  • Trouble unsubscribing Some members have great difficulties leaving a group.
  • Re-selling Had complaints about or suspect that someone selling stuff on?
  • Scams Examples of known scams on Freegle groups
  • Spam Arrest Explanation of how this service works
  • Spammers Don't you just love them? There are ways to combat them!
  • Too many wanteds Help with answering this common complaint
  • Trash Nothing Explanation of how this site works
  • 070 telephone numbers Explanation of these costly phone numbers that are often part of a scam

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