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Occasionally a member gets upset and accuses us of sending spam.

This is the position we take on this:

When a member signs up to and into our website, they will see 'Terms of Use Apply' under the sign in options. The terms at say:

We will email you posts, replies, events, newsletters, etc - control these in Settings (link shown which takes the member to their Settings tab).

When a new member signs up to Freegle, they get an email 'Thanks for joining Freegle', which includes 'You can change your settings by clicking here'. 'Here' links to their Settings tab on the website.

In each of the mails Freegle sends to the member, they will also see an unsubscribe link, which allows the option to stop any particular type of email they don't wish to receive, except for Admin mails. You can't opt out of Admin mails.

We take the view that we have complied with the requirements of data protection on marketing. Our pages on data protection in this wiki are all categorised together, you can click on them at