Retaining Volunteers

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Tips for working well as a team within a Freegle group

  • Swap numbers asap in case of emergencies that lead to a sudden inability to mod (!)
  • Respect each other's skills and different time commitments
  • Consider having informal meet ups every 3 months, maybe sometimes with neigbouring group mods
  • Meet up online if face-to-face meet ups never seem to happen
  • Have your own mods' group - some freegle groups cc relelvent messages to the group-owner address, others have a yahoo group that's just for mods of one or a couple of adjoining re-gifting groups. Advantages:
    • archive
    • files
    • practice polls
    • chat & support
  • Check the management logs from time to time to ensure that the bulk of the modding is not being done by one mod - this puts the group at risk for several reasons:
    • the busy mod may be more likely to burn out
    • if the busy mod is not available there may be a serious gap in modding cover
    • other mods may feel that they are not getting sufficient opportunity to mod and lose interest
  • Retaining volunteers article: