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Admin resellers please take note

If you plan to sell anything which is being given to you from another member, you ARE required to say so in advance.

Please play fair.

That's it.

Thank you.

YourGroup Moderating Team

yourgroupfreegle-owner (no space)

Admin resale of items

Hi people!!

Re-selling of xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle received items is NOT against the rules. As long as the stuff stays out of the landfill it is alright to use xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle received items in fund raising support of a recognized local charity at a car boot or garage sale, in a 2nd hand shop or even on Ebay to help fund your life. Three Hard and Fast Rules apply:

Hard and Fast Rule No. 1 - If you operate a commercial business and intend selling goods obtained from xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle, on joining you MUST advise the Moderator of your planned activity on receipt of this letter.

Hard and Fast Rule No. 2: Anyone reselling xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle obtained items MUST CLEARLY advise the Donor of this intent in their FIRST response to an OFFER or in their initial WANTED posting. Anyone Wanting xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle items for resale (even for a charity sale) must clearly state this in their post.

Hard and Fast Rule No. 3: If you obtained something from xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle and through a change of circumstances no longer require it we suggest you (in order of preference):

a) Re-offer it back to the original Giver, b) Offer it to the Group in general, c) Offer it to a local Charity, d) Ask the original givers permission to sell it on.

Not only is this good manners, but the original giver may prefer it be re-offered to the Group or donated to a local charity. If you cannot recall the original givers details, contact yer Wee Moddies and we will help out as best we can.

There are NO exceptions to these rules. xxxyourgroupnameherexxx Freegle Members are intrinsically friendly & trusting creatures. Violating these rules is an act of deliberate deception and violates the Group's trust. Depending on the severity of the situation, Violators may face Full Moderation, temporary suspension or even have their membership permanently revoked at the first substantiated incident. Full details of all incidents will be passed on to all Moderators within Freegle, which is vast!! No exceptions, no second chances, no Ms. Nice Moddie. And the Wee Moddie's decision is final.

Hope you all understand the need for this!!

Thank you, yer wee moddies