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It occasionally comes to light that a member has been reselling goods that they have obtained on Freegle. Claiming or asking for items in order to resell or redistribute them does not violate Freegle guidelines directly, but many members prefer to give their items to people who will be using them not selling them.

Resellers should disclose their intention to resell/redistribute any item when accepting an offer and when making wanted posts.

If you discover (or think) a member is failing to disclose this information when asked or when posting a wanted, you may wish to:

  • Keep the member on permanent moderation.
  • Write to the member informing them of the guidelines and warning them not to do it again.
  • Issue a strike: a strike is warning for a serious misdemeanour; two strikes can lead to a member being unsubscribed - at the owner's discretion. (link to banning vs moderation)
  • Send an admin to the group reminding them of the reselling guidelines.

Members can:

  • Ask responders if they intend to resell an item before agreeing to gift it.
  • Mention the Yahoo ID of the person the item has been gifted to in the taken post (if lots of taken posts include this info, then it will be apparent if a small group of members are hoovering up items offered on the list).
  • A few groups do choose to have a policy of no reselling. It's worth bearing in mind that it is hard to prove that a member has been reselling goods that have been acquired via Freegle.

Tip: watch out for posts including links to sites like Ebay and Gumtree