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These are sample messages you can use to send to a member of your Community you suspect of reselling items:

Dear $memberid,

Can I check whether you are planning to sell on or make a profit from this item?

We don't mind resellers on our community, but we do ask that they make it known so that members may make an informed decision whether or not to pass on items they may have.

Kind Regards

[your_name] [your_group] Freegle Group Moderator $owneremail


Or a much more severe one for really exceptional circumstances:

Dear Member

The moderators of this Community have evidence that you are obtaining items from members and are reselling them. Whilst there are no rules saying that you can't resell items, you must tell the person you got the item(s) from, of your intention to do so.

If you are found to be selling items and you haven't informed the member, you are at risk of prosecution by the Police for offences under the Fraud Act 2006.

The volunteer team will co-operate with requests for information from the Police in connection with any offences you may have committed. This information could include, but isn't limited to, Management logs, Message Archives and emails.

Please also note that if you are unemployed and reselling items obtained through Freegle for profit, without informing the DWP, you could potentially be prosecuted for benefit fraud. HM Revenue & Customs can also prosecute for tax evasion, if you fail to pay tax resulting from earnings gained from the sale of any items.

Please consider this email your first warning. If these activities continue, the moderators will remove you from the community and your details may subsequently be passed on to the relevant authorities. Any official request to disclose a member's details will be complied with.

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