Notes on Submission of the AR30 Annual Return

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The AR30 is an annual return to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is completed by the Company Secretary within seven months of the financial year end (5th April).

It comprises the following

  • List of directors with month/year of birth who were active during the period of the return. The annual accounts will give the names of directors. The Register of current and past directors and officers is held in the Freegle Ltd Membership Register (FLMR)
  • Confirmation that directors are over 16 and not disqualified from being a director.
  • Directors data from the register of interests
  • Name of the person who was the company secretary at the time of submission (this may not be the current incumbent)
  • Details from the accounts including
  1. Number of Members
  2. Turnover (assumed to be unrestricted income plus restricted income)
  3. Assets (net assets)
  4. Number of employees
  5. Share capital
  6. Highest rate of interest paid on shares
  • Standard Industrial Classification code (Non trading company 74990)