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This procedure is the responsibility of the Company Secretary or a director designated prior to the election.


Resignation Mid Term

(see Directors_Ending_Term_of_Office_Procedurefor full procedures relating to resignation process)

  • The Director is to be given a 7 day “cooling off” period before the resignation is accepted by the Board.
  • Central is informed when the resignation has been accepted.
  • The Returning Officers are emailed for information and in case an election is needed.

Resignation and Retirement

  • The Directors are asked to leave the Board Yahoo Group and any other Director-only Yahoo or Google Groups.
  • Access removed to Confidential Details Google document.
  • Access removed from Membership Register.
  • Access removed to Trello Boards/Set up new account
  • Passwords changed for gmail accounts, Yahoo, and any specific passwords relating to a position as official/role holder.
  • Officers to change passwords and remove access if applicable.
  • Start a new conversation thread for Board meetings on Skype.
  • The Membership Register to be amended.
  • Financial Director to inform bank and/or HMRC of change of authorised official/responsible person if appropriate.


  • Ask Directors to read:

and email the Company Secretary to confirm that they are eligible.

  • Give access to Confidential Details and ask Director/s to provide their details.
  • Give access to Yahoo Board Group, Trello and Membership Register.
  • Financial Director to inform bank and, If appropriate, inform HMRC of change of authorised official/responsible person.

Miscellaneous Tasks

  • Ensure all named Director roles are appointed - Freegle Board#Roles
  • Ensure someone is responsible for checking trademark applications.
  • Ensure Board Observers are appointed for all areas


  • Ensure wiki page


and Who’s Who spreadsheet

are updated.