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This is a suggestion for a policy you can adopt for your group if you decide to allow posts for animals.

There are some special issues that surround animal-related OFFERED posts about which you should be aware. When sending these posts, please keep the following in mind.

1. xxxxx Freegle does not accept any posts for animals for breeding purposes. Messages are limited to animals for family PETS only.

2. Any pet listed as an OFFER on this board has to be legal for anyone to own in this jurisdiction or town. This means that your pet Asian Tiger cannot be offered on the board, no matter how "nice" he is. Cases of abuse will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

3. Wanted posts for animals are no longer/not accepted.

4. OFFERED posts should be as specific as possible. Persons placing such posts need to realize that while this is a moderated list, the moderators cannot screen potential adoptive homes. Unless you're fully comfortable that someone who responds will provide a proper and loving home for your animal, we urge you to explore other opportunities to re-home your pets such as your local animal protection group or breed rescues. Many accept pets at no charge to you and find them a good home. Follow local laws concerning offering baby kittens or puppies 8 weeks old or younger.

5. Freegle claims no responsibility for animals placed or solicited through the activities of the list, its participants, or bystanders. We strongly discourage exchanges of any animal if there is any indication that a potential pet owner is not a loving and responsible individual. If you seek a home for any animal, and if you're not prepared to spend adequate time to ensure your pet a loving and adequate home, then we urge you to call on one of your local non-profit shelters or rescue organisations.

6. Unfortunately, these issues are serious enough that abusing the animal policy may get you moderated so that all posts must be approved by a moderator or, should an extreme case arise, you may be banned and thus have to leave this group! Any pet posting that violates these guidelines will be immediately deleted.

7. Ask questions of the potential owner to satisfy yourself that your pet is going to a good home. We want to be sure you have something to go by when finding a home for your pet. And for those who want a pet, you have some food for thought. Suggested questions:

a. Do you work? Does your spouse work? How much time per day will you have to play with, feed, and care for your pet? Will the pet be home all day alone or do you have a pet sitter or pet day care?

b. How many persons are in the home (adults and children; ages of children)?

c. What kind of housing do you have? Flat? House?

d. If you lease or rent your home, do you have permission from your landlord to have a pet? Will you be willing to provide the name/telephone number of your landlord?

e. Do you have a fenced in yard/garden? Height and type of fence?

f. What pets do you currently have? Type (cat, dog, snake?), ages and sex.

g. What pets have you had in the past 5 years? Please list them and explain what happened to them? (living, dead, ran away?)

h. Do you have a vet? If so, what's the Vet's name and telephone number? Have you used this vet in the past?

i. What are your full name, address/e-mail address and/or telephone number so I can check on the pet from time to time?

j. Why are you interested in this pet? What type of pet would best fit into your lifestyle?

k. Is anyone at home with pet allergies?

l. Who will be responsible for the care of the pet?

m. Where will the pet be kept during the day? Night?

n. If a dog, will the pet be tied outside or live outside?

o. What will you do with your pet if you're on holiday, etc?

p. What sorts of activities would you do with your pet?

q. Are you knowledgeable on how to care for this pet? Do you understand that there is time involved in training and care (meds, grooming, etc)?

r. If you're unable to care for this pet in the future, who would care for him/her?

s. Please provide at least 2 references (family, friend, etc); name and telephone number.

t. Would you be willing to let me bring the pet to your home to satisfy me that your home is a ready and acceptable home for the pet?

We want to be sure you have something to go by when finding a home for your pet. And for those who want a pet, you have some food for thought.

8. PLEASE be sure that you get/give all the pet's veterinary/medical records INCLUDING their shot records. This is important when YOU bring the pet to the vet to have a health check up!

Thanks for loving your pets. We understand that re-homing a pet is difficult both emotionally and practically. We hope the above questions and tips are helpful.

Note: if you're part of a non-profit animal rescue organisation please let the group moderators know off-list. If it is a legitimate, registered organisation, we can add it to our links or resource files on the website. If you wish to make a post on behalf of such an organisation such as for items wanted, please give the address and phone number so items may be delivered directly to the organisation.

Please visit http://www.rspca.org.uk/ to look up many other pet-related resources in this area.

xxxxx Freegle Group

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