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This is an Admin notice you can use to send out to your whole community. Please adapt/edit to suit your community.

We feel this might be a good time for a reminder about your personal safety on the community. The following are precautions only. Freegle is a friendly place, but we have to stay on the safe side, so please consider these tips.

Do not post full postcodes, street addresses or phone numbers on the public list. Save these for private messages.

You may choose to communicate with other members using the chat feature if you prefer not to give your phone number or email address. Please be understanding if someone else requests this of you.

If you are concerned about meeting people when alone in the house, you can arrange to meet away from your home to pass on items (where practical) or make sure that people come round when you have a friend or relative with you. If you are delivering or collecting something from someone's house, please remember they are a stranger, take all your usual reasonable precautions when meeting someone for the first time and don't assume a 'friendship' because you have exchanged a few emails.

Finally, if anything about a Freegle contact concerns you, even if it's just vague "bad vibes", then feel free to trust your instincts! You can give items to whoever you choose, you are under no obligation to divulge phone numbers or social networking contacts, and you don't have to justify the decision to anyone. Always let the moderators know of any concerns. You may not be alone.

Keep safe and keep freegling!

xxxxxx Moderating Team

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