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Freegle Direct

This application/interface from Edward was devised originally as a 'bolt on' to a Yahoo Group to make freegling a much easier and better experience for members. But now we have disengaged from Yahoo, it is the platform that all groups, apart from Norfolk and Waveney, use for their local Freegle group.


ModTools helps you moderate your group. ModTools is also available as an app which is simultaneously updated and available for Android and Apple tablets and mobiles.

Modtools can, at the moment, also be used to moderate Yahoo Groups, although this facility will be dropped.

Freegle Mobile app

The Freegle App is available for group members on Apple and Android.


Centrally, Freegle runs a Facebook page to generate interest and share good news stories. This can easily be shared to group pages via Modtools.


Groups can set up a linked Twitter account which, like Facebook, extends the reach of Freegle on the internet and generates more interest and participation.

Local Facilities

Norfolk Freegle

Launched in July 2012, 8 Freegle groups covering the county of Norfolk and neighbouring Waveney District moved off Yahoo! Groups altogether to their own platform.

Sustain Eden project

Penrith and Eden Freegle group joined together with other local organisations to deliver a project in their area, funded by a Big Lottery grant. The Grow Your Own project ran from Feb 2013 to Oct 2015.

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