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Yahoo! Groups

When the idea of online reuse groups was first thought of, Yahoo! Groups provided the perfect solution - free, good format, easy to use (for the times).

Several years later we are still, in the main, using Yahoo! for the basic infrastructure for providing a group to our local communities. Along the way life and technology has moved on, so Freegle has gathered some 'extras' to help run and use the groups.

Mod Plug-in

Edward (Edinburgh) developed a plug in application that works with the Firefox web browser to provide a huge range of tools for moderators of Yahoo Groups to do the job more easily and efficiently.

Member Plug-in

Edward then went on to provide an application for members of local groups to use to help them get the best out of their group.

Freegle Direct

The latest application/interface from Edward, this is 'bolted on' to the Yahoo Group to make freegling a much easier and better experience for members.


With permission from members, messages can be republished onto a group Facebook page. Centrally, Freegle runs a Facebook page to generate interest and share good news stories.


Groups can set up a linked Twitter account which, like Facebook, extends the reach of Freegle on the internet and generates more interest and participation.

Norfolk and Waveney Freegle

Launched in July 2012, 8 Freegle groups covering the county of Norfolk and neighbouring Waveney District moved off Yahoo! Groups altogether to their own platform.

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