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It was decided to use a wiki as a resource because it reflects our ethos - it is adaptable, can be accessed by anyone and all volunteers can contribute to it if they wish.

For a quick demonstration of how to access stuff, click on this blue word.

The way this wiki is organised is explained here - Freegle Wiki Layout

Remember that you always look at the details of the wiki via the left hand toolbox - click on Special pages and you will see all the 'behind the scenes' lists etc.

Would you like to help to contribute to this wiki? You would be very welcome and there are always pages that need to be written or updated. Visit Help with the Wiki for more details.

We have a 'To do list': you can add anything here that you think needs doing, or look here for jobs if you would like to contribute but need some inspiration.

Lastly, have a look at our Wiki Etiquette that hopefully smooths the way when we are all editing here!