Freegle Tech Report 19-09-30

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Freegle Tech Report September 2019 Posts

List of changes to the New Client Code for September

Use Axios proxy to avoid CORS issues
Not selecting chat properly on page load
Promise button in chat
Support promise/renege chat messages
Promise/unpromise from My Posts
Tidy reply layout Enable user ratings
Change way we expand messages on My Posts
Don't focus on chitchat post box as this isn't right on mobile
Add session fetch cache using store
Reinstate throttling of when we save store to local storage, for perf reasons
Button on My Posts to start chat
Show replies in My Posts
Hide/show old OFFERs
Tree shaking
More investigation of reducing bundle size
Defer loading of large FilePond file upload component until we actually need it
Fix to lazyloading and its dependencies
Show unread message count on My Posts
Minor bug
Switch from moment to dayjs to reduce bundle size
Shave a little off the bundle size
Fix some erros
Start work on My Posts
Edit in chitchat
Improvements to event/volunteer ops on chitchat
Add remaining notification types
Trigger infinite scroll more rapidly
Fix colour on navbar
Fix performance issue navigating away from pages
Add chat message of type complete
Add chat message of type interested
Add chat message of type image
Improve styling of chat messages
Vuex reducer causing effective hang
Fix popup chat drag handle
Switch from dev to dbg server
Groups not saved in store correctly
Bug in autocomplete on Android
Add some debug for mobile
Reload route if click on same navbar link
Navbar fixes
) Leave button in Settings
Holiday email setting
Various notification settings
Fix mobile navbar
Per group email settings
Simple email settings
Account settings
Add Delete button for chitchat reply
Start work on Settings page
Combine chitchat highlighting and readmore
More login fixes
Add read more for long chitchat entries
Move login into separate component, which fixes a bug
Style tweaks to user profile
Popup user profile info from chat
Nudge in chat
Chat message of type Address
Don't show photo carousel if just one photo
Successful attempt at saving passwords
Spot when we're logged out on the server and update store
dd a couple of TODOs
) Nits
More small screen changes, mostly settings
More small screen changes, mostly chat
More Mobile improvements
Mobile improvements
Fix screen flicker on chitchat, scroll to bottom of chat
Restrict place autocomplete to regions
Fix SSR in Explore Group
Back to universal
Add photo to chitchat replies
Notification count tweaks
Add poll for notification count
Notification seen handling
User profile page
Join/leave buttons on Explore
Contact volunteers button
Explore regions
Explore page done
More work on Explore
Start Explore page
Landing page
Handle new users when posting
Reject and resubmit from chat/My Posts
Message Edit
Improve sizing on reply box
Share button
Withdraw on My Posts
Mark as TAKEN
Improve display on My Posts
Basic pruning for long threads
Click on chitchat to show user profile
) Chat store sync problems
Fetch user car crash

This is an automated list of the changes to the server code in the last months. If you have any questions about them, please reply to this mail. Here are the more important ones which would affect members:

  • Blank page when loading jobs with a privacy blocker

...and here are the ones which are minor, or only affect volunteers in ModTools, or are internal changes that you wouldn't notice: Fromuid header not working
Change accepted SSL transports to make work against new web server
Make server side rendering work with webpack build
Scripts script not fully retired
Recent commits script should check both client and server repositories
UT fixes and more code removal
Better fix to chat review issue
Remove client-side code from this repository
Speedup: cache modmail count separately to avoid slow queries on logs table
Yahoo message sync should only look for recent messages to avoid slow query
) Add TODO to retire
Add header to chat notify messages to indicate UID of sender
Script to list emails of people who've asked for business cards
Email notifications for mod chats are linking to FD rather than MT
Add code for waste authorities
Speed up indexing/deindexing
Spam keyword check needs to be case-insensitive
Remove messages from the search index once they're older than 30 days and haven't been reposted. We need to do this to save disk space.