Freegle Tech Report 19-08-31

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Freegle Tech Report August 2019 Messages Members 113


Tech Chat

Jeni I've got 5 publicity posts showing on the Dashboard - but when I click on it, I've got 5 white boxes. I have a feeling it might be my new computer, which is doing some strange things evry ow and then. Anyone got any ideas of what I can do. I've tried logging out and logging back in again. Wanda Ed may need to know what browser you are using and OS etc. Have a feeling windows new one, Edge, is not compatible but I may be wrong. Jeni I'm using Firefox - have just tried Edge (never usually use it) but they are showing on there! Chrome is OK too - looks like Firefox is a problem at the moment OK solved - for some reason Blocking had come on! We live and learn ... Elaine I have been struggling with a similar problem. It is possible to leave blocking on generally, but turn it off for particular sites only. If you open the site, then look at the site name ~(e.g. you will see a small shield in that box, to the left of that name. If you click on it, you can turn off blocking for that site only. It took over 2 hours to figure that out, once I had figured out it was the security and tracing options that were the problem, so this might save you, or possibly members, a lot of time and inconvenience!!