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There are several teams of people in Freegle, most are 'attached' to a Working Group. When any group or team is 'closed' to general view or membership, it should have an elected role holder observer.

A list showing who does what in Freegle can be found on Modtools under Teams. If you would like to join any of these teams, just email them and offer.

Some of the teams with specific remits or procedures:

  • Central Moderator Team- the team modding Freegle UK Central
  • Geeks - looking after the website, FD, Apps and anything else IT!
  • Graphics Team - offering graphics help to local groups
  • New Groups Team - NGT- affiliating new groups to Freegle
  • Mailbox Team - manning the central Freegle info mailbox
  • Maps Team
  • Mentors Team - helping new groups and any other groups with practical support
  • Support Team - manning the central Freegle support mailbox
  • Social Media Team - helping local teams keep their Facebook and Twitter accounts linked and accessible.
  • Training Team - coordinating team for training new moderators

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