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In preparation for the handover of assets from Freegle UK to Freegle Ltd, the Board conducted a review of existing relevant documents and required new ones. The review was completed in April 2015. Below is a summary of that review.

To view the Freegle UK superseded documents, go to Archived Documents to see where to find them.

Freegle UK document
Freegle Ltd document Notes
Abandoned Groups Abandoned Groups Procedure Discussed on Structure.
Aims and Ethos Freegle Aims The Objects in the Rules cover the main part of this; wiki page edited to accommodate Freegle Ltd
Appeals Panel Procedure Appeal Panel procedure Ombudsman consulted.
Auditor Role and Remit Finance Role Remits Rules 103-7 cover this. Remit now included with other Finance remits.
Basic Requirements of a Freegle Group Group Affiliation Requirements Policy All previously polled agreements kept in new policy.
Co-opting for an Elected Role Co-option for Elected Roles Returning Officers consulted.
Complaints Complaints Procedure Ombudsman consulted.
Constitution Rules Agreed with Freegle UK, FCA and Co-op.
Constitution Footnotes none Notes to remain on wiki as historical record.
Disaffiliation Disaffiliation Procedure GAT consulted.
Elected Roles Autopromotion Director Autopromotion Procedure Returning Officers consulted.
Election and Poll Procedures Election and Poll Procedure Returning Officers consulted.
Election links none Left this intact as Freegle UK record. New page to be started for Freegle Ltd.
Equality and Diversity Policy Freegle Equality and Diversity Policy No changes required
Financial Management and Controls Finance Policy Finance Procedures Finance Role Remits Treasurer consulted. Divided into 3 documents to make clear and enable easier alterations if needed.
Financial Management and Controls reviews none Left this intact as Freegle UK record. New page to be started for Freegle Ltd.
Freegle Central Mods Team Freegle Central Mods Team Remit Consulted with Central Mods Team.
Freegle Direct Membership Lists Freegle Direct Information Policy Adopted unchanged.
Freegle Geeks Geeks Team Remit Consulted with Geeks Team.
Freegle Growth Development Working Group Closed Growth group, agreed by Group, amalgamated into Development Group.
Freegle History Policy none Mothballed policy as not used.
Freegle Legal none Closed the group.
Freegle Local Funding Freegle Funding Group Changed emphasis of remit to encompass all funding opportunities. Agreed by group.
Freegle Media Development Working Group Closed Media group, agreed by Group, amalgamated into Development Group.
Freegle Mobile Team none Geeks Team agreed to mothball this team.
Freegle Reps Role and Remit Board Role and Remit Changes take into account new Rules.
Freegle Structure Development Working Group Closed Structure group, agreed by Group, amalgamated into Development Group.
Freegle Tech Tech Working Group Remit Discussed on Tech group
Freegle Tech Team none Merged into Freegle Geeks Remit
Freegle UK Central Group Freegle UK Central Group Unchanged.
Freegle Volunteer Freegle Volunteer, National Volunteer, Member Expanded to include Freegle Ltd differences.
Freegle Working Groups Working Groups Procedure Slimmed down procedures to reflect actual practice.
Group Affiliation Team - Naming New Groups Freegle Affiliated Group Name and Logo Guidelines Consulted with GAT.
Group Affiliation Team Area Guidelines Freegle Affiliated Group Area Guidelines Consulted with GAT.
Group Affiliation Team Footnotes continue document Keep ongoing with future changes.
Group Affiliation Team Freegle Affiliation Policy Freegle Affiliation Policy and Freegle Affiliation Application Procedure] GAT consulted. Separated policy from procedures.
Group Affiliation Team Procedures Freegle Affiliation Process Procedures GAT consulted.
Group Affiliation Team Role Remit Membership Group Affiliation Team (GAT) Remit GAT consulted.
Group Launch Coordinator none GAT consulted. Agreed to include information in team remit, rather than keep separate.
Links and Partnerships Procedure Partnerships and Website Links Procedure Board consulted.
Mailbox Guidelines Freegle Mailbox Guidelines Morphed with Mailbox Remit below.
Mailbox remit Freegle Mailbox Guidelines Morphed with Mailbox Guidelines above.
Mediation Service Mediation Service Procedures Discussed with Ombudsman.
Membership Mod none Central Mods consulted. Separate remit not required.
Freegle Group Membership Policy Central Discussion and Working Group Membership Policy Central Mods consulted.
Moderation of National Groups Moderation of National Groups Guidelines Central Mods consulted.
AGM 2011 Proposal for National Volunteers Procedure National Volunteers Procedure Board consulted.
New Group Support New Group Support Procedures GAT consulted.
Ombudsman Ombudsman Remit Ombudsman consulted
ORO Ending Terms of Office Procedure Named Role Holder Ending Term of Office Procedure Changed to include any named role appointed by Board.
ORO Team Roles and Remits none Ombudsman and Returning Officers consulted. Team disbanded.
Photos Photos and Stories Extended to include 2 Curator roles.
Poll Voting Poll Voting Protocol Guidelines Returning Officers consulted.
Rep Individual Roles Board Chairman, Company Secretary, Finance Director, Chief Technology Officer Head of Media, Head of Volunteers, Health and Safety Officer New remits for various Director roles. Health and Safety Officer role dropped Jan 2022.
Reps Ending Term of Office Procedure Directors Ending Term of Office Procedure Consulted with Board.
Returning Officer Returning Officer Remit Returning Officers consulted.
Running Polls and Elections Poll and Election Guidelines Returning Officers consulted.
Unused and Redundant National Groups Unused and Redundant National Groups Procedure Board consulted.
Website Editing Procedure Freegle Website Editing Procedure Geeks consulted.
10% Poll Procedure 10% Polling Guidelines Covered by Rules 25 and 26.
no existing document Director Role Description Remit for Director agreed by TSW Team and Reps.
no existing document Document Approval Policy New document to clarify where authority lies for adopting Rules, Policies etc.
no existing document Register of Members and Directors New page on wiki to explain how the registers are generated and kept.
no existing document Freegle Membership Application Form [1] New document for membership of Freegle Ltd
no existing document Contract for Services Board consulted with legal adviser.
no existing document Paying People in Freegle Guidelines Discussed and recommended for adoption by Structure Group
no existing document Glossary Single link for new documents, instead of lengthy definitions on each one.
no existing document Freegle Ltd Membership Explanation of being a member of IPS/Freegle Ltd
no existing document Board Observer Guidelines Board consulted
no existing document Conflicts of Interest Procedure Board consulted
no existing document Development Working Group Agreed with Structure, Growth and Media Working Groups
no existing document Social Media Guidelines New document to tidy up guidelines for all national interactions with public.
Wiki All pages will be systematically checked after all documents above are implemented and Freegle UK mothballed, to ensure the whole wiki is compliant with new Freegle Ltd structure.